About the Miniworld Owners (MWOs)

Sophie Boynton


Sophie Boynton enjoys studying the sciences and literature. She might become a researcher of chemistry or of outer space. Her favorite activities are gardening, reading, playing the steel pans, and woodland walks.

Emily Adams


Emily Adams is a rising senior in high school. She is interested in all art forms and is currently involved in ceramics, studio art, and photography. She loves working with younger kids through work as a swim instructor and tutor. 

Taylor Vahey


Taylor is a high school rising senior. She is excited to go off to college soon and study business. In her free time she likes to go out to eat, hang out with her amazing, supportive friends and family, and travel. She is so excited to share her book with you! 

Lindsey Boynton


Lindsey is a high school rising senior who has a passion for animal welfare. Lindsey has been a vegan and animal activist for three years. She wants to pursue data science in college. Her favorite activities are taking care of animals, watching her favorite TV shows, and hanging with her best friends.