Miniworld Adventures-The Dolphin Rescue


What happens when a few teens tackle a perilous problem?

     As soon as four girls find out that dolphins are in terrible trouble in a cove in Japan, they use their special powers to attempt a terrifying rescue. But the teens encounter a challenging situation—they discover that the cove has a dangerous mystery to solve first! A chilling secret lurks deep in the sea. It is a race against time to find the answer, with the lives of the dolphins and the villagers alarmingly at stake.

     Sophie, Emily, Taylor, and Lindsey are girls with a life mission: they save animals in peril and protect the environment. Like most teens, they love hanging out and having fun together, but they also can quickly merge with their favorite animals to suppress their enemies in the Animal Cruelty Club.

     How can they best help the dolphins and the people they meet on this island in  Japan? What is the frightening mystery of the cove? Journey with them as they make friends on the island, learn about Japanese culture, and spread the message that dolphins are intelligent beings.

     The Dolphin Rescue is the first in a four book series. Each book in the series is about the dilemma of how to meet people’s needs—yet treat all creatures fairly and take care of our planet. So join the girls and boys of Miniworld as they take on tough issues!

How do I order the book?

The print book can be ordered from this website shopping cart , and both the print book and e-book  are available on Amazon. The ISBN order number of the print book is 978-1-7323408-0-0. The ISBN order number of the Kindle e-book is 978-1-7323408-2-4.

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A middle school teacher in Massachusetts, Brian Salmon, shared, “The book offers a message important to our world. I’m making it required reading and encouraging other teachers to do the same.” -Brian Salmon, a middle school teacher in Massachusetts

Tom Campbell of King Printing, the printer of the paperback, “ Dolphin Rescue” adds “I have worked with over 30,000 authors who have printed and published their books.  There have been only 2-3 authors that have been under 18.  I have been very impressed by Emily, Lindsey, Sophie and Taylor with their knowledge, passion and drive with this book is extremely rare.  I look forward to working with them in the future and wish the team all the best.”

 A further reviewer states “A delight-filled book! Imagine a world where different living beings can thrive. Emily, Lindsey, Sophie, and Taylor model for today’s world that every choice we make can help build the world we want.”

Dr. Paul Waldau

Anthrozoology graduate program, Professor and Director at Canisius College